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Dr. Lewis


August 27, 2021


Foot Care

Foot Pain?

Foot pain can cause a significant disruption in your plans and your lifestyle. Easy solutions for discomfort may include insoles, bandages, prosthetics, or other quick fixes that help with the symptoms and not the root issue. It could be the result of uncomfortable shoes, sports injuries, or repeated trauma to the foot. Prolonged or abnormal pain is an opportunity to reach out to your doctor for medical attention.

Many assume that a podiatrist must handle foot pain. We highly recommend regularly seeing your doctor, whether it's your primary care physician or podiatrist, for any feet related discomfort. However, Chiropractic care may be able to help you get to the main problem causing your foot pain as well.

Common Causes of Foot Pain The foot is made of 26 bones — like any part of your body, pain and discomfort result when these bones become misaligned. With Chiropractic care, foot adjustments can provide long-lasting pain relief. We align our spines; why not our feet?!

Foot adjustments can be performed wherever pain occurs, including the: top, arch, ball, side, the bottom of the foot, and the back of the heel. This pain can stem from several sources, such as:

— Pronation: An arch is too weak to keep the foot properly aligned.

— Metatarsalgia: The metatarsal bones in the ball of the foot are misaligned.

— Plantar Fasciitis: Stress to the elastic tissues that span the length of the foot.

— Heel spurs or calcium deposits.

"We most commonly see foot pain due to poor shoe arches, high heels, and lack of stretching," explains Dr. Justin Lewis. "In our office, we see plantar fasciitis frequently. The tightening of the bottom of the foot can impact gait, increase muscle tension and cause contractions of the muscles around the lower leg. It can completely change how you walk."

Chiropractic Care Can Help Attempting to resolve your pain and discomfort with at-home solutions holistically is unlikely. Home remedies like anti-inflammatories, rest, ice, or stretching will help in the short term but will not get to the root of the problem like proper medical attention can for long-term relief. For fast, lasting comfort, Chiropractic care can deduce if your discomfort results from scar tissue adhesion, muscle restrictions, and dysfunctions.

Dr. Justin Lewis will locate the area of distress within the muscles and soft tissue of your foot. Then, when treating the area, he will deduce which techniques may be the best possible fit for long-term relief.

"Based on an extensive exam of both the foot and lower leg, a specific plan of treatment would be drafted to handle the issue," states Dr. Justin Lewis. "A combination of stretching, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and foot manipulation may be recommended to fix the underlying issues."

Highlighting Active Release Techniques Active Release Techniques, or ART, incorporates active massage that shortens the muscle, tendon, or ligament before applying pressure to re-stretch the tissue. As a result, a chiropractor can better assess if the muscle contains scar tissue when the muscles lengthen. For example, Dr. Justin Lewis, in his practice, would apply more tension to an area of injury where he finds scars. In this process, Dr. Justin Lewis will discover if your body has placed stress elsewhere to compensate for the scar tissue in your feet.!

"ART is a specific, hands-on practice that involves pinning and stretching stiff muscles to restore normal range of motion," details Dr. Justin Lewis. "It's a firm pressure procedure that removes scar tissue, elongate shortened muscles, and improves normal facilitation of the muscles and joints. It's a very effective form of treatment that can help fix a problem in as little as one treatment."

ART is an effective and helpful technique when looking to provide comfort. Dr. Justin Lewis will first uncover the depth and seriousness of the dysfunction within your feet and body, then create an overall treatment plan.

Prevent long term pain with Get Adjusted Chiropractic! Book an appointment online today or call our office at 845-809-8300 to schedule a visit with Dr. Justin Lewis.

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