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Get Ready to Race: How Chiropractic Care Helps with Running


Dr. Lewis


June 25, 2022



Whether it’s a marathon or a lap around your park...

Running can be a great and easy way to incorporate running into your routine. Going for a run is a great excuse to spend time outside, breathe some fresh air, and get your blood pumping.

If you’re prepping for a long distance run or want to incorporate more movement into your week, making sure your body is equipped for such exercise can make your workouts more impactful. Plus, there’s no better feeling than accomplishing your goal — once you hit mile one, or mile 26! Just like any sport or exercise, training can help your overall health by preventing injury and keeping you well. Our team at Get Adjusted Chiropractic, led by Dr. Justin Lewis, has tips for making the most of your run.

Going the Distance: Long Runs Long distance running improves stamina, endurance, and increases muscle strength. As you run, your body develops greater aerobic capacity. This means that your body won’t have to work as hard to keep up with your performance over time. Long runs also have great benefits for your heart, as it opens your capillaries and sends energy to your working muscles.
During these long runs, your body also recruits fast-twitch muscle fibers to help with slow-twitch tasks. A slow-twitch task would be an exercise like running a marathon, whether as fast-twitch task like bench pressing. Using your slow-twitch muscle fibers helps increase the number and size of mitochondria, which are the energy powerhouse of your muscles.

When you are running long dstances, you're developing greater aerobic endurance. This will enable to body over time to increase enduracne so you don’t have to work as hard to gain the same momentum with the upcoming runs. Long runs strengthen your heart and open your capillaries, sending energy to working muscles and flushing waste products from fatigued muscles

What should a new patient know before their first acupuncture appointment? Acupuncture is a natural and safe method of treatment. The shape of the needle is round at the end, so it does not hurt as much as most people assume. Acupuncture also moves your Qi (or energy) and helps your physical and mental conditions return to a balance. You should also eat before you come in for a round of acupuncture because the energy you get from your caloric intake can deplete during the process!
Long distance running helps with physical and mental wellness. A long run teaches your body to use stored fat as an energy source before your carbohydrates, which you want to avoid being depleted. With store carbohydrates lasting longer, you can prevent physically (and mentally) hitting the “wall.” The “wall” is that mental and physical feeling of not being able to continue — setting yourself up for success can keep you running longer, faster!

Sprint to the Finish Line: Short Runs When building up your stamina, short distances are integral to your exercise routine. Running in shorter distances helps improve your VO2 Max, which is the maximum rate of oxygen consumption you have during vigorous exercise. With an increased VO2 Max, your overall heart rate will also increase. This makes it easier to breathe, with added energy!
Dr. Lewis says: "Its always very important to spend 10-15 minutes of manual stretching both before and after to lengthen the muscles to loosen the tendons attached to your joints to limit the possibility for injury."

Protect Yourself: Recovery Time The before and after of your running routine are just as important as the run itself! After your run, whether it’s short or long distance, it’s important to focus on your muscles and joints to prevent injury and keep you running long term.
Incorporating stretching, foam rolling, getting enough sleep, and even ice baths into your pre- and post-run routines can help keep your muscles and joints ready to run. Limiting injury and increasing mobility, agility, and even overall race time should be your goal. These at-home techniques, coupled with Chiropractic care, can be incredibly beneficial.
Dr. Justin Lewis explains that "chiropractic care is a great addition to any workout remedy to ensure mobility, range of motion and joint play are all moving fluid. Alignment of the spine is key to enhanced movement.""

If you're to integrate Chiropractic care into your running routine, don't wait! Book an appointment online today or call our office at 845-809-8300 to schedule a visit with Dr. Justin Lewis.

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