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Immune System Support with Get Adjusted Chiropractic


Dr. Lewis


Jan 07, 2021


Chiropractic, Immune System

Immune System Support with Get Adjusted Chiropractic

Chiropractic care focuses on the strength and health of your joints, ligaments, and muscles. At Get Adjusted Chiropractic, Dr. Justin Lewis will focus on spinal adjustments or specialized treatment plans to relieve current or chronic pain. Incorporating regular Chiropractic care into your life has an incredible range of advantages, even beyond these typical benefits. It's imperative to keep yourself healthy throughout the cold and flu season through your routine overall wellness practices — like eating well, staying active, and staying indoors. Chiropractic care can also boost immune systems, keeping yourself strong and healthy to fit off illness, especially in the wintertime! Dr. Justin Lewis explains how his team at Get Adjusted Chiropractic works with patients to improve their immune systems.

Importance of the Immune System

The immune system is an integral part of our bodies that fights off illness and infection, keeping us healthy and strong throughout our lifetimes. Our immune systems' primary role is to protect our bodies from threatening infectious organisms to maintain our health. Our immune systems are made of proteins, white blood cells, and tissues targeted aggressively in the wintertime during cold and flu season.

A working immune system helps our bodies recover from injuries as well as illness or disease. Although, like any other part of our bodies, our immune systems can experience issues preventing them from working correctly. "Proper sleep, good digestion, and regular exercise are essential to set your immune system up for success and prevent low immunity," emphasizes Dr. Justin Lewis.

Having low immunity puts you at risk and makes you susceptible to getting sick with anything from the common cold and allergies to more severe conditions like diabetes or cancer. Autoimmune disorders are typical among those with pre-existing conditions; when someone has an autoimmune disorder, their immune system attacks itself rather than a harmful disease. "Eating healthy is one of the most important things you can do for your immune system," explains Dr. Justin Lewis. "Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day and does a lot to help prepare your immune system for the day ahead. What you put in your body fuels everything!"

Chiropractic Care and Immune Support

Chiropractic care can aid in boosting your immunity, just as it helps relieve pain in your joints and muscles. Our patients at Get Adjusted Chiropractic experience immediate relief from bodily pain and long-term immune support through regular chiropractic care. At the core of the practice, Chiropractic care supports the nervous system by increasing the spinal bones and spinal cord mobility. This natural pain relief method helps in the overall health, wellness, and quality of life in patients, who were otherwise limited in the range of motion due to various reasons.

"Chiropractors focus primarily on the spine, but having all of your joints in alignment will allow the nerves that control your body to have the best chance of working properly," states Dr. Justin Lewis. "Chiropractors look for misalignments, or subluxations, in the spine and help to correct those throughout your joints." Back and neck discomfort, in particular, is relieved through spinal adjustments, but this also has a direct impact on our immune systems. Our immune systems are connected to the spine; by aligning the spine, we can keep our immune systems in good shape. A misaligned spine can result in lower immunity or a non-responsive system.

Immune System Support with these Get Adjusted Chiropractic Recommendations

Find natural ways to boost your immune system that you can incorporate into your daily routine.
"Starting your day off with breakfast helps to turn on your metabolism to allow the body to get its energy ready for the day, eat something!"

Get enough sleep!
"Sleep is vital. 8 hours of sleep is necessary — anything less you are doing a disservice to your body. Some say that they can function well on 6 hours, but 8 is highly recommended."

Eat a balanced diet focused on vitamins and minerals that works for your lifestyle and health.
"The more colorful your food throughout the day is, the more diverse nutrients you are putting into your body. Diversification is key!"

Recognize areas of stress in your life and find practical solutions to cope with those stressors.
"Stress can be the biggest ailment to your immune system. Find time in your day to focus on you. Turn off your phone to concentrate on your needs and how you can achieve your personal goals."

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