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Setting Goals to Stay Positive


Dr. Lewis


Jun 15, 2020


Setting Goals, Chiropractic Health

Setting Goals to Stay Positive

Maintaining a positive attitude can be hard when things are tough personally or in your community. Your mental wellbeing is just as important as your physical health to live a full and healthy life. At Get Adjusted Chiropractic, Dr. Justin Lewis and his team believe that goal setting is one of the easiest ways to stay motivated in the short and long term.

Setting Goals
Success has a different meaning for everyone, and it's essential to figure out what the definition looks like for you. When you have a clear idea of your version of success, you can appropriately create goals for yourself to achieve that success. Social distancing has us physically separated from our communities, and for many people, this has opened up pockets of time we did not have before. A pandemic is a perfect opportunity to hold yourself accountable by setting goals when others might not be around in person to show their support and provide motivation.

"Having a reachable goal gives you something to strive for," states Dr. Justin Lewis. "Without goals, it's hard to have a sense of accomplishment and celebrate what you've achieved. Goals help establish guidelines for your success, so you know when to move onto the next step." Clear cut goals help with short term success. By giving yourself tangible goals, you can lay out stepping stones for your next actions. These smaller achievements can also help you craft your bigger picture — those larger and often more difficult goals — and understand your intentions behind your behavior.

"When you are working at your goals, it helps to think about your motivations," says Dr. Justin Lewis. "Are you working hard to accomplish your goals, or are you working hard to achieve the goals of others?"

Give Back and Get Involved
When things aren't going well, always look for the helpers. You most likely have family members, friends, and colleagues willing to support you and help you reach your goals. It's important to ask for help when needed and to lean on others in your life to boost success. "When setting goals for yourself, don't be afraid to change them weekly, monthly, or yearly to adapt to your current situations," explains Dr. Justin Lewis. "Make goals that are realistic that you know you can accomplish. Set goals, as well, that may seem very difficult or impossible to strive for — and lean on your support system to help get you there."

If you're feeling unmotivated to reach your full potential, consider giving back to your community. There are many ways to assist those in need, either through volunteering your time online, donating money or other resources, or providing virtual support. Making it a goal to help others can energize and realign your work ethic. "Talk about how to stay informed," says Dr. Justin Lewis. "If you have never done charity work, a pandemic is the best time to take a step back to see where your services can be best displayed and utilized. You don't need to do a lot. You just need to do something."

Stay Sharp
Especially when physically isolated for so long, it's vital to prioritize your health — both mental and physical. Your goal might be to incorporate one hour of exercise into your daily routine. If this seems daunting, start small. Begin with 1-2 days per week, before working yourself up to more frequent exercise. "Make time for yourself to stay active both mentally and physically," emphasizes Dr. Justin Lewis. "Focus on medication and practice yoga to start. Go to a chiropractor to get a chiropractic adjustment and make sure you've gotten your yearly physical, once your states begin to reopen." Yoga and meditation are simple ways to combine exercise with mental wellness. In addition to physical activity, use this time to learn a skill or hobby that you've been putting off. This time at home is the perfect time to try that new recipe, plant a garden, or introduce self-care into your routine.

As you're setting and accomplishing goals, be sure to honor your progress. Some goals might be more ambitious than others, but these sometimes demanding and laborious efforts are ultimately leading to your success. "Be thankful for who you are and what you have accomplished," states Dr. Justin Lewis. "We can always accomplish more, but need to take time to appreciate all that we have done."

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