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The First Adjustment


Dr. Lewis


Jul 10, 2020


Appointments, First Adjustment

Your First Step To Better Health
A Q&A with Dr. Justin Lewis of Get Adjusted Chiropractic

It's important to know what to expect before going into any doctor's appointment, chiropractic visits included! Most of our patients at Get Adjusted Chiropractic have questions or common concerns when visiting for the first time. Below is a holistic overview of the first visit, as well as that first adjustment, with lead Chiropractor at Get Adjusted Chiropractic, Dr. Justin Lewis. Covering common questions and what to expect, Dr. Justin Lewis provides as much detail as possible to calm any anxieties about your first visit with Get Adjusted Chiropractic!

What should I expect at my first visit with Get Adjusted Chiropractic?
"Your first visit with Get Adjusted Chiropractic will start with full medical history forms. I want to make sure that I have a complete understanding of your medical background and your lifestyle to treat you most appropriately.

The first portion of the appointment will be a consultation, where I’ll walk you through a series of questions, such as:
1. How many hours per week do you exercise? What does your routine consist of?
2. What does your daily routine look like on a regular day?
3. Does your occupation have you standing, sitting, lifting heavy objects, etc. for extended periods of time?

From there, I will give you a comprehensive one-on-one exam and perform several orthopedic tests, a full range of motion assessment, and neurological sensory evaluation. These types of exams allow for a holistic awareness of any painful areas of potential concern."

Will I get a diagnosis during my first visit?
"Barring any more significant health issues, most patients will receive a diagnosis during the first visit. It's my job, and desire, to give you as many answers upfront and as quickly as possible about your health. After your exams, I will discuss your diagnosis with you. This information will open up the conversation about possible treatment plans, or if more tests are necessary for a better understanding of what's happening."

Will you adjust me during the exam? Should I expect to be in pain?
"Not everyone gets adjusted on the first visit. Sometimes x-rays are warranted before any treatment to assess the problem further. After a thorough exam, if there are no serious red flags (nausea, dizziness, numbness, and tingling, decreased reflexes, “shock-like symptoms”) that would indicate a more aggressive issue, patients will typically be adjusted on the first visit. I will personally do a mock adjustment with each patient, so you know the setup of all adjustments before actually experiencing it. If you don't feel comfortable after I go through the motions, then I can always find another solution! Several other techniques can be done in the absence of manually adjusting a patient. It’s normal to feel soreness in the areas where an adjustment took place! When you’re getting adjusted, I will introduce more range of motion than a joint has become used to. It is completely normal to feel soreness due to this new movement. When being adjusted for the first time, I usually advise my patients to ice hourly for 10 to 15 minutes the first time they are adjusted to reduce any soreness and discomfort.”

What is the objective of an adjustment?
"We perform adjustments to very carefully gap any restricted joints to increase joint space. Adjustments take the pressure off the nerve to help restore proper movement and alignment within the body. Not everyone has to get adjusted when they go to the chiropractor. Manually adjusting only makes up part of a visit. Chiropractors also do manual stretching, therapeutic exercises, electrical muscle stimulation and postural enhancements to address a patient’s issues. Rather than relying solely on adjustments, we at Get Adjusted Chiropractic focus on functional mobility and the enhancement of proper posture to fix patient problems.”

Why should I look into chiropractic medicine as a solution to my current health problem?
“Chiropractic medicine is a natural, safe alternative approach to your health and wellness. It’s often a preventative solution for patients, as our procedures are low-risk, non-medicated, and aimed at conserving health. The treatment plans we use at Get Adjusted Chiropractic recognize the body’s healing capabilities and support those processes with proper care over time. Our full-body approach not only looks at your symptoms but addresses and strives to solve the problem.”

What should I do before my first visit to prepare? What should I do after to help prolong the effects of the treatment?
“To prepare for an adjustment, you should come in to Get Adjusted Chiropractic with a complete medical history so I can look for underlying conditions that could be affecting your symptoms. When coming in for an adjustment, you should wear comfortable clothing that wouldn't inhibit range of motion when being stretched. I urge all of my patients to come prepared with any questions they might feel are pertinent to their condition. Patients should also express any concerns that they might have about being adjusted or recommended treatment plans so both the doctor and the patient can be on the same page.

I will recommend stretches and other remedies to be done after being adjusted for the first time.” Have further questions? Please give our office a call at 845-809-8300 or visit our New Patients Page for more info!

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