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The Resolutions You're Not Making that will Change Your Life


Dr. Lewis


Feb 10, 2021


Resolutions, Health and Wellness

The Resolutios You're Not Making that will Change Your Life

We all make resolutions to help better ourselves, but how many of these goals do we actually achieve? Introducing something new into your routine will hopefully improve your quality of life — of course, only if you accomplish it, that is. So many of us set intentions surrounding our bodies and health, and Dr. Justin Lewis urges you to think outside your regular routine for 2022.

You may have a brand-new gym membership or an ongoing “to do” to try new exercise classes. Moving your body, paired with eating nutritious, well-balanced meals, are integral parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Justin Lewis and our team at Get Adjusted Chiropractic want to emphasize other ways you can take care of your health without going to the gym or the health food store.

Introduce Chiropractic Care into your Routine: Just like visiting your primary care doctor for your physical and your dentist for a cleaning is a part of your life, focusing on specialized care can change the game. Chiropractic care can make huge impacts on chronic muscle or joint pain, improve overall quality of life, and provide relief from even one visit to Dr. Justin Lewis.

“Self-care is essential to overall well-being. Chiropractic is key to ensuring that your body alignment is in check, allowing your body to function at its optimal levels. Simple adjustments can have a huge impact on your day-to-day,” explains Dr. Justin Lewis.

With consistent, personalized visits to Get Adjusted Chiropractic, chiropractic care can help you help yourself.

Listen to Your Body: If you’ve been ignoring that chronic pain or the nagging feeling that something is wrong, 2022 is the year to make changes! Working with your primary physician and additional specialists will make you feel your best.

“Being stiff and achy isn’t normal,” says Dr. Justin Lewis. “Normalizing pain isn’t a good thing. Be proactive and allow minor adjustments to your life to change how you live.”

Chiropractic care can be a fantastic addition to your routine, primarily if you work with your primary doctors in tandem with your chiropractor. Dr. Justin Lewis will always ask about your medical history to focus on areas of concern from the start.

Make Staying Healthy Easy: Chiropractic care is one of the simplest additions to your schedule that can pay off in a major way. Sweat-free and non-invasive, chiropractic care relies heavily on a series of adjustments throughout your body. Adjustments are a technique used to introduce extra range of motion into a joint to gap. This increases joint space and mobility while allowing the disc to increase its fluid intake, providing pain relief in the moment and over time if you stick with it!

“Getting adjusted doesn’t hurt and it isn’t scary. However, when introduced adequately on how to get adjusted, it can change your whole life,” stresses Dr. Justin Lewis. “Getting adjusted feels great and can be one of the biggest impacts in your life if you do it regularly when your body is in need.”

Let our team at Get Adjusted Chiropractic help you accomplish your resolutions!Book an appointment online today or call our office at 845-809-8300 to schedule a visit with Dr. Justin Lewis.

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