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Find Your Perfect Workspace Set-Up


Dr. Lewis


May 1, 2020


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Find Your Perfect Workspace Set-Up

As we navigate our new lives indoors, finding a comfortable workspace has become a top priority. Some lucky ones are working from their ideal office set up, while others have converted dining room tables or kitchen counters into temporary conference rooms! Whatever you’re working with, it’s vital to create an ergonomically-friendly workstation for yourself sooner rather than later! Boost productivity while protecting your upper body and back from strain with these simple tips. Follow our areas of focus for the perfect ergonomic office from Dr. Justin Lewis at Get Adjusted Chiropractic and remain pain-free while working from home!

Prioritize Your Posture
An ergonomic workspace starts with ourselves. Most Americans are glued to their computer screen throughout the day, ending up with hunched backs, squinty eyes, and clenched jaws. You’ll want to find a position that marries comfortably sitting up straight in a manner that allows you to focus on work and not the pressure in your upper back! To reduce this built-up tension, focus on your seated posture — plant both feet on the floor, and rest your arms beside you. Straighten your back and relax slightly, feeling as if your vertebrae are lightly layered on top of one another. This is your natural alignment! Make note of how you feel and try your best to maintain this posture while working from home.

“Proper posture isn’t something that you can buy — it’s earned through good habits. When patients visit me at Get Adjusted Chiropractic, they tend to feel uncomfortable when I put them in good proper posture,” states Dr. Justin Lewis. “Most people over time have trained their bodies into poor habits over the years, but this time working from home is a great opportunity to correct those mistakes.”

Seated Posture - Let's Sit
Once you’ve found the appropriate natural posture, make sure the rest of your body is in the best position for efficiency! Your monitor should be at eye level to limit strain on your neck and align your head with your spine. Remember to continue practicing your seated posture, while keeping your forearms and thighs parallel to the ground when working at a computer. “People weren’t meant to sit at a desk eight hours a day, five days a week. Slouching and hunching is inevitable if you aren't giving your body the time it needs to relax and practicing proper posture mechanics,” says Dr. Justin Lewis. Now that we’re several weeks into working from home, constant sitting might be your new normal. If possible, invest in a standing desk converter that will turn any flat surface into a standing desk! Your standing posture can help stretch your back and increase blood flow to your legs.

Work With What You’ve Got in the House
Is your HQ also where you host Thanksgiving dinner? Don’t fret — it’s possible to upgrade any table or desk (or couch!) situation into something more ergonomic! If you don’t have a laptop riser or standing desk, use a stack of books or move to stand at a counter. If sitting, your chair should always have a back support and armrests to help with your seated posture. Get creative and try your best to mimic your in-office set-up while protecting your body from pain!

Listen to your Body
While finding your perfect, ergonomically-friendly workspace at home, check-in with yourself multiple times a day. Make sure you’re paying attention to your natural posture to prevent any aches and pains. “Poor posture habits are learned while sitting and standing for prolonged periods of time without break. A lot of hard work goes into having good posture, but it’s attainable if you work on the right changes every day,” says Dr. Justin Lewis. Give yourself the frequent breaks to help your focus by stretching, going for a socially-distant walk, or even strolling to the kitchen to get some water!

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