Active Release Techniques® is the global leader in non-invasive soft-tissue and nerve treatment, including treatment of strains, sprains, and other musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Hands-on, movement-based ART treatment is specifically designed to reduce pain and restore function quickly. Whether you’ve got a minor strain or a complex injury, ART gets you back normal faster and more effectively than conventional physical therapy methods.
Your first visit with Dr. Justin Lewis for ART treatment will begin with your medical history and background, followed by questions concerning the specific problem you’re experiencing. These questions include where your condition or pain is located, what may have caused it, and what motion(s) aggravates it. From there, Dr. Justin Lewis will use the hands-on diagnostic process and palpate the described areas to pinpoint the root problem. “Palpate” means the Certified Provider uses touch to feel and diagnose the root cause of the injury or disorder.

Once the source is identified, specific ART methods will be used to repair and restore the damaged tissue. This process may be repeated a few times, depending on the number of affected areas and your pain severity.
Touch is an important psychomotor skill directly correlated with successful and rapid treatment. ART is the only modality that utilizes effective and comfortable touch as one of its keystones. Dr. Justin Lewis is highly trained in the only soft-tissue system that incorporates a diagnostic process to accurately and efficiently determine the specific tissues generating pain and altered movement. Dr. Justin Lewis can effectively locate each of the 450 structures we treat and palpate those structures to determine if the tissue is healthy or damaged.
Treatment sessions last about 15 minutes. Many patients experience a dramatic reduction in pain and increase in range of motion after their first treatment. Most health problems are resolved in five or fewer treatments — meaning you spend less time in our office, and more time living a pain-free life.

From the non-active to Hall of Fame athletes ART treatment can help ease pain for everyone, regardless of the root of your pain and discomfort.

Pain happens when our body stops working as designed. ART corrects the root cause and any resulting pain. Here’s how:

Dr. Justin Lewis will utilize a hands-on diagnostic process, palpating affected areas in order to pinpoint the damaged and inflamed tissue. (Don’t worry — “palpating” just means the Certified Provider uses touch to feel and diagnose the root cause of the injury or disorder.)

ART treatment works by releasing muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia that no longer function properly due to overuse or injury.

Once the issue is identified, the treatment makes use of patient-specific movements and practitioner touch to release muscle tension and relieve pain.
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