No one should suffer from chronic pain — especially that from preexisting conditions or unhealed injuries. Chiropractic care helps patients find lasting relief when dealing with a myriad of health problems. Most healthy people don’t realize that chiropractic care can benefit their immune system function and strengthen their vitality. Day-to-day life can be draining — not just on the mind, but the entire immune system. Minor adjustments can ensure your body functions properly, ready to conquer any day’s challenges.
Your first visit with Get Adjusted Chiropractic will start with full medical history forms, so Dr. Justin Lewis has a complete understanding of your medical background and your lifestyle to treat you most appropriately.

The first portion of the appointment will serve as a consultation, where Dr. Justin Lewis will walk you through a series of questions to understand your exercise routine, daily schedule, occupation, among other aspects of your life that may impact your chiropractic health.

Dr. Justin Lewis will give you a comprehensive one-on-one exam and perform several orthopedic tests, a full range of motion assessment, and neurological sensory evaluation. These types of exams allow for a holistic awareness of any painful areas of potential concern.

Dr. Lewis will walk through a mock adjustment before doing the actual adjustment, so our patients understand the motions used before being adjusted. If deemed appropriate for your treatment plan, an adjustment will be performed.
All you will need to bring to your appointment is your license or ID, and your insurance card. It's imperative to be prepared to speak about your medical history, so Dr. Justin Lewis can factor in underlying conditions that may affect your symptoms. We urge all of our patients to bring questions or concerns for Dr. Justin Lewis to assist with during your visit.

You should also bring comfortable clothing, if you are coming from work or another appointment. Your clothing should allow for a full normal range of motion during an exam and treatment.
Leg Pain (Sciatica)
Shoulder and Arm Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Muscle Strains
A chiropractor performs an adjustment by applying a certain amount of force in a specific direction to move joints and bones into their normal positions. Adjustments are meant to normalize spinal function and help to restore the body's natural healing.

Adjustments properly align the joints to allow normal and functional range of motion. Regular adjustments aid in proper posture and counteract improper body positions, like hunching.

When an adjustment is performed, Dr. Justin Lewis brings the joints to end range and then introduces additional range of motion. Any restricted joints that are not moving properly will be restored to normal motion.
Yes! Chiropractic adjustments are very safe, and anyone can benefit from chiropractic care.
Most of the time, an adjustment will produce a feeling of relief. It is normal however the day after an adjustment to feel sore due to the fact that the chiropractor is introducing more range of motion than the joint is used to. Icing, proper hydration and light stretching can help to reduce these symptoms. The audible release or “crack sound” is simply gas being released from the joint. The bones are not actually cracking.
Before an adjustment is done, the chiropractor will palpate the joints and look for joints that are not moving properly or feel “stuck” and adjust those motions to allow for proper motion.
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